May 17, 2020 COVID-19 eForm Update

  • The ER symptoms are now asked up-front, prior to the general symptom screen, which is in alignment with the majority of other screening and assessment tools.
  • Most of the separate yes/no questions have been converted to a checkbox/"none of the above" approach to make it much less tedious for patients to complete each time.
  • With the expansion of testing to all exposed and symptomatic individuals, the algorithm is somewhat simpler. The vulnerable-population and occupational questions are no longer needed for the recommendations, so they have been removed. The outcome for the screening protocol has been simplified to 3 outcomes: ER redirection, positive screen with testing suggested, and a negative screen. The messaging has been updated in accordance with the clinical guidelines for each scenario.
  • The symptom checklist has been updated to incorporate the best wording and elements from the Ontario May 2 guidelines, in addition to the Ontario provincial tool, the covid19Toronto tool, and others.
  • The French translations have been updated for the email screening questionnaire, the triaging tool, and the self-assessment tool. (If any further edits are required for the French translations of these tools, please reach out to
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