Introducing Patient Authentication for Website Forms

Website Forms allow clinics to host Ocean forms on a URL so patients can securely complete self-referrals, new patient intake, prescription renewals, appointment requests, and more. This website form URL can be hosted on a clinic website, or sent to a patient via email. 

What are Patient Authenticated Website Forms?

Ocean can restrict access to a website form to patients with an existing chart in the clinic’s EMR. Ocean does this by adding a Patient Authentication (PA) feature as the initial step. When used with the Inbound Message eForm, patients can also submit files & documents to their healthcare provider.

Key Benefits:

  • Easy for Patients - Patients are not required to create an account or log into a patient portal in order to securely submit information & files
  • EMR-integrated - Notes from accepted submissions can be imported directly into the patient’s chart with a single click
  • Customizable - As with all of Ocean’s patient-facing tools, the Website Form can be customized to suit your clinic’s needs (eg. clinic logo, welcome message, etc.)

How it works for Patients:

  1. Patient navigates to your Website Form.

    • A patient navigates to your clinic’s website and finds your Website Form. This can be hyperlinked as a button (eg. “Contact the Family Health Team"). If you choose not to display your Website Form on your clinic website, the URL can be shared directly with your patient using Ocean’s secure patient messaging.
  2. Patient enters information to authenticate.

    • The patient enters their first and last name, date of birth, and health card number into the PA screen and submits.
    • In order to authenticate the patient, Ocean will search the EMR for a matching chart based on this information. If there is a match, the patient can proceed to the next step.
  3. Patient completes form and optionally adds attachments.

    • The patient can now complete the "Inbound Message" eForm. If the patient would like to include an attachment, they can click the +File upload button to attach a file from their device. Ocean will accept attachments with a size limit of 10MB per attachment and up to 50MB total for all attachments. Ocean also has a limitation on certain file types (.jpg, .jpeg, .png, .tiff, .tif, .mp3, .mp4, .txt, .pdf). If a patient uploads a file type that is not supported or that is too large, Ocean will give them the appropriate size or type error message.
  4. Success notification shown.

    • The patient is notified that their submission was successfully submitted and they can exit the session.

To learn how these attachments are then downloaded into your EMR, learn how to download an attachment submitted through a Website Form.

Want to get started? Learn how to set up a Website Form to allow patients to securely send attachments.

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