Apr 17, 2020 COVID-19 eForm Update

  • Updated the home and occupational risk factors to a new "Workplace and Home Setting" section to account for the latest Ontario testing criteria:
  • Added specific mentions for: caregivers, personal support workers, group homes, nursing homes, rural, remote, isolated or Indigenous community, and other essential service providers
  • Changed the "Workplace and Home Setting" section to use a checkbox and "none of the above" to reduce the number of "no" clicks for typical submissions
  • Changed "immunosuppression" to "a condition or treatment that affects your immune system (e.g. HIV, lupus, other autoimmune disorder)
  • Changed "cardiovascular disease (including heart attack)" to "heart condition / cardiovascular disease"
  • For the self assessment tool and the triaging form, changed the wording for patients when testing is likely indicated. Previously it did not specifically mention that COVID-19 testing may be indicated due to the policy of test rationing. Now with clear guidelines, in accordnace with the Ontario tool, it says: "Please call your healthcare provider or your local telehealth provider. You may be eligible for a COVID-19 test. You should self-isolate in the meantime. Do not leave your home until you are instructed to do so."
  • Improved some of the French translations
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