Mar 27, 2020 COVID-19 eForm Update

All Tools:

  • Updated the initial symptom screening list to limit the number of "false positive" new symptoms (changed questions are marked with a *). Added sudden complete loss of smell or taste (anosmia / dysgeusia) as an important new presenting symptom.
    • fever
      chills or shakes
      sore throat
      new unexplained muscle aches *
      new or worsening fatigue *
      runny nose
      new widespread joint aches *
      abdominal/stomach pain
      shortness of breath at rest, or an inability to lie down because of difficulty breathing
      sudden complete loss of smell or taste *
  • Updated French translations
  • Changed all positive symptom answers to flag in red
  • Changed all positive occupational / risk answers to flag in yellow or red
  • Added a new red stop sign image for emergency department redirects
  • Added pregnancy as a risk factor question

Kiosk Screen

  • Updated and expanded the kiosk and online booking screening questions for consistency with the other tools

Self Assessment Tool

  • Moved the Age question into a separate preliminary page
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