Delay Adding Ocean Online Notes to EMR Chart (Cloud Connect/Ocean Connect Sites Only) [RESOLVED]

A bug introduced in last night's Ocean release broke the immediate download of notes generated by the Ocean Online module. The notes are saved in Ocean successfully, but the request to the EMR to add the note is deferred, and will only occur after a subsequent event (such as the patient confirming the Ocean Online message, for example). 

The bug has been identified and we intend to patch the issue at 9PM tonight. At that time, we will also apply a script to trigger the download of such notes that have not  yet been downloaded.

In the meantime, PS Suite users can download the notes by inserting the Ocean custom form and clicking "download". Users of other EMRs can achieve the same workaround through the Ocean Web Portal Patient's tab via the "Reset Downloaded Status for Notes" option for a patient under the "advanced" menu.

Update 2019-01-17 12:00PM: Ocean was patched last night to fix the underlying issue, and all delayed Ocean Online notes should be in the respective charts.

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