Enabling Health Card Validation on Your Kiosk

Prerequisites for Health Card Validation

Follow the steps below to enable real-time health card validation (HCV) with the Ontario Ministry of Health database when a patient swipes their health card on the kiosk.

Requirements to activate HCV:

Any clinic physician's Go Secure credentials and Billing Number may be used, although a Clinic Lead is preferred.

  • Go Secure Username
  • Go Secure Password
  • Billing Number matching the Go Secure credentials

(Note that while Ocean uses the term 'Master Billing Number', the value may be stored in your EMR as the 'Group' or 'Solo' Billing Number.)

Enter your HCV credentials into the Ocean Portal.

  • Click the 'Edit' button on the relevant kiosk group.
  • Navigate to the 'HCV' tab and press 'Enter New HCV Credentials'.
  • Enter your clinic's Go Secure Username, Go Secure Password, and Master Billing Number into the appropriate fields and then press 'Save'.
  • Set the 'Real-time Ontario Health Card Validation' setting to 'Enabled'.
  • Press 'Save'.

Forgot your Go Secure credentials?

All EMRs PS Suite
  • If you've lost or forgotten your Go Secure credentials, navigate to the Go Secure Login Page and select 'Forgot your ID or password?' to recover your credentials.
  1. Test your HCV credentials on your kiosk tablet.

    • Fully reboot your kiosk tablet and relaunch the Ocean Tablet App
    • Click on the Ocean logo (or cog) at the bottom left corner.
    • Enter your Ocean credentials to access the Administration Menu on your tablet.
    • Select "Test HCV Credentials" from the admin menu.
    • Once your credentials have been successfully validated, your kiosk is ready to validate Ontario health cards in real time.
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