Check-In Kiosk Specifications

CognisantMD is proud to offer our clients high quality commercial kiosk stands that are manufactured in Canada and integrate directly with a health card swipe reader.

Floor Countertop
  • The Check-In Kiosk Floor Model is a durable, lightweight aluminum stand with an elegant matte white finish.
  • The stand features a fully enclosed tablet housing and integrated cable routing for a cable-free look.
  • ArmoLock™ security screws keep your tablet secure, while the enhanced Wi-Fi signal transparency ensures that your Ocean connection is not hampered.

Additional Hardware Requirements

Running Ocean in Check-In Kiosk mode requires a tablet that works with a tested swipe card reader. CognisantMD supports kiosk mode using the Check-In Kiosk Stand with the following hardware, which can be purchased as an additional peripheral bundle: 

  • Magtek Card Reader
  • LAVA SimulCharge Adapter
  • 6’ extended Micro USB to USB charge cable for Samsung

Kiosk Measurements

Stand Height Width Depth Weight
Floor 46.25" (1175mm) 16.00" (406mm) 18.25" (464mm) 10.15lbs (4.60kg)
Countertop 11.00" (279mm) 12.75" (324mm) 10.19" (259mm) 8.80lbs (3.99kg)

Ordering a Kiosk

If you would like to order a kiosk, please visit our Check-In Kiosk product page.

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