OSCAR Pro EMR Integration Troubleshooting

The table below outlines common issues and solutions that users may experience when integrating their OSCAR Pro EMR with Ocean.

Issue Solution
Client keys and secrets are appearing as invalid when creating the REST Client in OSCAR Pro.

Ensure that you are doing a direct copy and paste of the “Name”, “URI” and “Token Lifetime (seconds)” from the guide.

The system will treat spaces as additional characters. Ensure that there are no trailing spaces, at the end of either value or leading space at the start.

Ocean toolbar is not visible in the chart.

First, ensure the Ocean Toolbar javascript file has been installed in the EMR per the associated guide.

If that has been done correctly, and the toolbar is still not visible, please contact the OSCAR Pro Helpdesk via help@oscarprodesk.ca to report this issue.

OSCAR username/password not found.

If Cloud Connect is claiming it cannot find the "OceanConnect" user, this typically means the OSCAR server URL is incorrect. Ensure the "/oscar" portion of the URL is included and that there is no trailing slash at the end of the URL.

Please ensure that when creating the "OceanConnect" user, that the "force password reset" option has not been set to "true." In that situation, OSCAR will prompt the user to make a new password upon the initial sign in, which Cloud Connect cannot see.

If that is the case, reset the user and password within the EMR’s Administration area, and ensure that the option is set to "false”.

400-series error when attempting to connect to EMR server in Cloud Connect.

First, ensure the values do not contain any trailing spaces at the start or end of the field.

Additionally, check in the EMR to confirm that the correct URI has been set. It is common for people to accidentally click the URI value and then just copy "cloudconnect.cognisantmd.com" from the URL bar, missing the remaining directories of the URI. If that is the case, the entry will need to be erased and redone to generate new key/secret credentials.

If all values are correct and this error persists, send a ticket to the OSCAR Pro Helpdesk (help@oscarprodesk.ca) for review.

500 Error when setting up "Oc." shortcut on day sheet.

If this issue occurs, contact the OSCAR Pro Helpdesk (help@oscarprodesk.ca) to resolve the problem, as the issue is most likely related to a value directly in the EMR database.

The root cause of this issue may be the result of the field "Length of link and form names to display on the appointment screen," which is found under "Preferences," being set to 0. (The default is typically 2-3 characters.)

500 errors.

In general, if you encounter a 500 error within OSCAR Pro while performing a setup, that results from an issue on the EMR server. If a 500-error screen prohibits you from moving forward, contact the OSCAR Pro helpdesk team via help@oscarprodesk.ca for assistance.

HTTP 404 Not Found.

Submit a ticket to the OSCAR Pro Helpdesk (help@oscarprodesk.ca). This error typically indicates that OSCAR has forgotten to enable the REST API service for this EMR instance. Once enabled, there is usually an overnight restart required, which will then allow Ocean to connect.

Clinic’s OSCAR server URL is an IP address (e.g.,

This suggests that the clinic is running a local install of OSCAR Pro versus a cloud-hosted instance.

Cloud Connect cannot remotely access a local IP address, so the clinic must instead use their external, public-facing, server URL (typically this is https://[clinic_name].kai-oscar.com/Oscar). If the clinic is unsure of their public URL, they will need to consult the OSCAR Pro Helpdesk (help@oscarprodesk.ca) to acquire it.

Locally hosted instance cannot connect to externally hosted server URL.

Some clinic networks are set up such that the locally hosted OSCAR instance can only be reached by an internal IP while on-site. Attempting to connect to the external server URL fails to resolve (this can be determined by attempting to load the external server URL in a web browser).

If that is the case, the integration needs to be completed on an outside network – typically a staff member will do so from home. Alternatively, a staff member can hotspot to a mobile device to work around this issue.

Note: Once Cloud Connect is complete, staff can sign into Cloud Connect to make changes directly from their local network. Any re-authentication of the integration would require the use of an external network again.

The 'Update Referral' button does not appear on the Ocean eForm

First, ensure that the relevant patient has at least one future appointment booked in the OSCAR Pro Schedule, and that at least one eReferral/eConsult has been received for the patient in Ocean.

Additionally, verify that the name of the Ocean eForm in OSCAR Pro is exactly "Ocean" (without quotations, case-sensitive). Any deviation from this exact name will prevent the 'Update Referral' button from appearing when attempting to add appointment information into a referral.

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