ScriptPatient ("pt") Functions

The ScriptPatient functions are available on the "pt" object in any script context, such as a tablet rule or within an eForm Action script.

Function Description Example Expression (Boolean)
getAge() Returns age in years
pt.getAge() > 40
getAgeInMonths() Returns age in months
pt.getAgeInMonths() > 18
getAgeInWeeks() Returns age in weeks
pt.getAgeInWeeks() > 6
isFemale() Returns true if female, false if not
isMale() Returns true if male, false if not
getReasonForVisit() Returns the patient's reason for visit (not supported for all EMRs)
pt.getReasonForVisit() == 'PHE'
getCppItemKeys(cppListKey) Returns a string array of the patient profile items. Available keys will vary by EMR. See Medication Reconciliation eForm for an example of Rx profile item.
pt.getCppItemKeys('rx').length > 0
getCppItemData(cppListKey) Returns a key-value table for a CPP item with a specified list key and item key.
pt.getCppItemData("immu", "influenza virus vaccine")


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