ScriptUtil Functions

ScriptUtil provides miscellaneous functions that allow you to simplify your scripts and support special use-cases. ScriptUtil is bound to all script session contexts, so you can use these functions in tablet rules or within eForms (show if, make note if, etc.).

Variable(s) Description & Example Expression

sum, max, min

Returns the sum/max/min of point values in the section

ScriptUtil.sum(section1Ref) > 10
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countAnswersMatching, countAnswersWithPointsEqualTo

The number of answers matching the value or point value in the specified section

ScriptUtil.countAnswersMatching(mySection,'other') > 0
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Returns a number between 0 and 100 representing the number of completed items in a section (including nested sections)

ScriptUtil.percentComplete('nutriSTEPQs') == 100
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Provides access to any keyword. Used for CPP access and a ‘catch-all’ for access to patient information.

ScriptUtil.getKeyword('@ptClinicDoc') == 'John Smith'
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Provides access to an answer provided on a previous EForm in the same session.

ScriptUtil.getResponse('mySmokingScreenForm','isCurrentSmoker') == 'Y'
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(supported on Ocean Tablet only)

Returns true if the form queue (or completed forms) contains the ref passed in.

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(supported on Ocean Tablet only)

Returns the number of forms in the queue plus any forms that have already been completed.

ScriptUtil.queueSize() == 0
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Accepts a date string in "yyyy-mm-dd" format and returns a Javascript Date (tablet v127+)

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Displays sections or items for web questionnaires only, not tablets.

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