Ocean Service Interruption April 4, 2023 [RESOLVED]

11:37am EST We are currently experiencing an issue affecting a subset of non-eReferral receiving Ocean Health Map directory listings. We are investigating and will update this announcement as further information becomes available.

Last Wednesday, Ontario Provincial Provider Registry sent a large directory listing update with bad or missing data that was imported by the Ocean platform corrupting these directory listings in the health map. We're investigating options to repair data.

2:24pm EST The issue has been traced to a corrupted Provincial Provider Registry data file that was processed by Ocean on March 30. We're working with Ontario Health to recover the lost data. They've provided new data which we are verifying and preparing to process.

We will provide an estimated time to recover full directory listing information to the health map shortly.

10:30pm EST We have successfully completed a data restore operation in production. Directory listings on the health map should now appear as they did before they were corrupted. We are resuming regular updates to the Ocean Health Map directory via the Provincial Provider Registry data source.

Please email us at support@oceanmd.com if you have any additional questions.

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