Ocean FHIR / Open API Service Interruption November 4, 2022 [RESOLVED]

At 9am, we became aware of an issue for some sites using integrations on the FHRI APIs or Open APIs receiving referrals that in some cases the webhook notification may not be issued. This could mean that referrals have been received but downstream systems have not been notified. We are investigating as an urgent issue and will post more information as it becomes available.

In the interim, integrated sites should access the Ocean Portal's eReferral View to monitor for new referrals and process existing referrals.

10:30am We've identified an issue in Ocean related to referral webhook notifications and are working on a fix.

2:10pm: We have deployed a fix to our production environment to address the core issue. We will be investigating methods to re-trigger missed notifications and will update this article as we investigate.

5:00pm As of 2:15pm, Webhook notifications for new and updated referrals to FHIR integrated sites are being sent successfully. Outbound API messages that weren't sent since last night starting at 10pm will be re-triggered in 2 steps:

  • First we'll send message for newly created referrals
  • Following this we'll send messages for updated referrals for all referrals modified in the impacted range (both new and existing)

Note: We'll be spacing out the updates so they're not sent at the same time.

In partnership with the eServices Program, we will be providing FHIR integrated sites with a report of affected referrals that can be used to verify all updates have been downloaded to EMRs.

November 5, 2022 2:00pm: Missed webhook notifications to integrated sites have been re-sent. We have verified the successful delivery of these API messages and completed our planned data repair activity for this event.

Please email us at support@cognisantmd.com if you have any additional questions.

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