Ocean Security Overview

OceanMD provides software solutions designed to enable secure and private communication between patients, healthcare providers, and researchers. As a trusted provider to health information custodians, we are committed to the most stringent approaches to data security and privacy and full compliance with PIPEDA regulations.

The Ocean Platform was built from the ground up to maximize security and protect privacy. Ocean’s industry-leading security stems from our robust client-side patient encryption technology. All patient data sent to and stored within Ocean is encrypted end-to-end using the industry-standard 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), the same technology used by financial institutions and other healthcare institutions, providing an extra level of protection for PHI stored in Ocean.

To guard against any possible breach of personal health information on our Ocean servers, all patient encryption keys are kept secret by end-user health information custodians using Ocean. The encryption keys are not accessible to OceanMD employees, and they are never transmitted to third parties. No one outside of the clinic can decrypt personal health information without these encryption keys. Therefore, even if the Ocean server were to be compromised, or the data were to be intercepted en route, no unencrypted personal health information would be accessible.

Our client-side encryption architecture provides an industry-leading protective safeguard for personal health information.

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