Using Form Memory

In order for Form Memory to work, the following conditions must be met:

    • The eForm must have form memory enabled. To do this, open your eForm in the eForm Editor, expand the Action menu (at the top right), select "Form Properties", navigate to the "Form Storage and Memory" tab, and set the "Form Memory" field to "Enabled".
    • A patient must have sufficient static identifiable demographic information in Ocean to generate their unique pseudonym. In particular, the patient's chart must contain their: surname, birthdate, and sex.
    • The patient must complete and submit the eForm by selecting either the "Next" or "Finish" button.

Note: HN is not a mandatory field but will be used if available.

  • Once Form Memory has been enabled on a particular Ocean eForm, there are 2 optional parameters in this dialog when activating Form Memory:
Remember If Expression:
This value is shown only if Form Memory is set to "Based on Script Expression". It allows you to conditionally use Form Memory depending on a script expression.
For example, you could have a checkbox "rememberMyAnswersForNextTime" on the form, and enter the following as the Remember If Expression.
rememberMyAnswersForNextTime.r == 'Y'
Remember Tag Expression:
This value allows you to store any text string on the form as a variable.
For example, if you had two answers on a form that you would like to remember, myAnswer1 and myAnswer2, you could use the following as the string that stores both values for "myAnswer1 and "myAnswer2".
myAnswer1.r + '|' + myAnswer2.r
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