Deleting Patient Form Memory

Form Memory is the ability for Ocean to remember a patient's Ocean eForm completion history. A detailed description of Ocean's Form Memory feature can be found in "Form Memory (Overview)".

Form Memory is very useful for preventing duplicate eForm submissions, so you will generally not need to override this function. However, there are a number of reasons in which you might want to tell Ocean to delete a patient's form completion history. For example, if you are testing a form with sections that hide/show depending on the last time it was completed or an eForm Action that depends on first-time usage. In addition, if a patient legitimately needs to re-complete a form that is hidden due to the patient's previous completion, you'll need to delete their form memory.

  • To reset the form memory for a patient, first make sure the patient is loaded into the Patients view in the Ocean Portal:
  • Note: If you don't see your patient in the Patients view, you may need to upload them into Ocean (by accessing the Ocean custom form in the patient's chart in your EMR or by fetching the patient by entering their health number into the Ocean Portal).
  • Then, back in the Ocean Portal, in the Patients view, click on the patient and view the patient's pop-up information. Click "Advanced" and select "View Form Memory". Within this option, you can "Clear Form Memory"
  • Note: Remember that Ocean isn't remembering the actual patient data, but rather a cryptographic hash that cannot be reversed.
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