Does Ocean comply with accessibility regulations / guidelines? (e.g. AODA)

OceanMD is committed to accessibility for all public website content, which we consider to be all patient-facing interfaces.

  • For Ocean Tablets, Kiosks, Website Forms and Online Booking, Ocean uses large, simple fonts with high contrast (dark on white) using standard HTML5 elements. Fonts can be enlarged in web browsers. Some tablets (e.g. Samsung Tab E and Tab A) allow for larger text sizes.
  • Throughout all patient interfaces, Ocean uses large buttons and elements, designed to make user interaction as simple as possible.
  • On some tablet models, you can use colour inversion (specifically Samsung tablets), so text can be white on black.
  • The tab order and keyboard navigation of Ocean forms is sequential, allowing standard browser key control for form completion.
  • Ocean does not rely on video or images to convey information to patients. Note that some clinics may build forms using images or videos, in which case the accessibility compliance may be compromised.
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