Note for Ontario Users: In Ontario, Ocean eConsults are currently in a limited release. For more information on eConsult in Ontario as part of the Ontario eServices Program, please review the Overview of eConsults in Ontario article.

How do I use Ocean to connect to the Ontario eConsult Service on the OTNhub?

The Ontario eConsult Service, accessed on the OTNhub and a part of the Ontario eServices Program, is a secure web-based tool that provides physicians and nurse practitioners with timely access to specialist advice.

The integration between Ocean and Ontario Health's OTNhub platform allows you to initiate an Ontario eConsult directly from your PS Suite EMR (*Please note - Ontario eConsults are separate and unique from Ocean eConsults, and do not offer the same features).

Please ensure that you have access to the Ontario eConsult Service through your OTNhub account before following the steps below. If you don't have access to eConsult on the OTNhub, you can register at

Sending an Ontario eConsult

Please follow the steps below to send an Ontario eConsult (on the OTNhub platform) through Ocean.

1. Initiating your eConsult

PS Suite Accuro OSCAR/OSCAR Pro
  • Starting within your PS Suite EMR, open the chart for the relevant patient.
  • Green-bar any encounter notes that you would like to include as an attachment on your eConsult. It is recommended that you type your eConsult question as an encounter note to be attached to the eConsult case. Alternatively, it can be typed directly into the OTNhub in step 2-G.

    Note: To send an ON eConsult without an attachment, simply skip this step.

  • Press the 'ON eConsult' button on the Ocean Toolbar.

  • Specify a file name for your attachment, if applicable.

  • You will be launched into the Ontario eConsult Service listing on the Ocean Healthmap, with your patient's details prepopulated from the information in your EMR.

2. Sending the Ontario eConsult

  • Complete the eConsult form, and then press 'Send and Launch Ontario eConsult' at the bottom of the form.

    Note: You will be prompted to obtain consent for patient email notifications regarding the status of the eConsult. Regardless of your selection, the patient will not receive any email notifications regarding the status of their eConsult.

  • A popup window will appear prompting you that additional information is required, and you will be automatically redirected to the OTNhub platform.

    Alternatively, you can press the 'Go to Ontario eConsult' button to immediately launch the OTNhub platform.

  • Log in to the OTNhub.
  • A new eConsult draft case is automatically created. Select either the 'BASE Managed Specialty' or 'Specific Provider or Group' model.
  • After selecting the appropriate model, the patient information will be pre-populated with the information from your EMR.
  • Specify a recipient for your eConsult using the 'Recipient' field.
  • Include an additional message/comment for the recipient using the 'Request' field.

    Note: If you did not include your eConsult question as an attachment, type your question directly into the 'Request' field.

  • Any attachments that were included will appear at the bottom of the eConsult draft.
  • Press the 'Send' button to submit the case. A green banner will appear to indicate confirmation.

    Cases saved as a draft in the OTNhub will be moved to the 'Awaiting Response' folder in Ocean.

    Cases that are deleted in the OTNhub will be moved to the 'Cancelled' folder in Ocean.

  • In Ocean, the eConsult can be found within your 'Completed' folder of your 'Sent' eReferrals & eConsults.

    Note: Sent eConsults will be shown in blue, while eReferrals will be shown in black.

3. Managing the eConsult

  • The eConsult can now be managed from within the OTNhub platform moving forward.

    Note: No further updates will be made to the eConsult in Ocean. All management of the eConsult should take place on the OTNhub platform once it has been submitted.