PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 6.00 (Standard) and Ocean Toolbar (Minimized) Release Notes

This version of the Ocean Toolbar for PS Suite contains the following changes:

  • The toolbar has a new link, "View in Ocean", which opens the patient's Ocean Dashboard in the web browser. The Ocean patient dashboard is a convenient location interacting with a patient's eReferrals, forms, and other Ocean features.

  • The toolbar has a new "Outstanding" count item on the right side, highlighting the number of live Ocean eReferrals/eConsults for the current patient. Clicking on this count will open the Ocean Dashboard, where these items are accessible.
    • This quick link to the patient's eReferrals/eConsults will obviate the need for users to scroll through and locate "Ocean eReferral" custom forms in the chart for each individual eReferral/eConsult.
  • Some items on the toolbar have been re-organized to make room for the :

    • The Add Form and Add Favourite buttons have been combined into a single button. Clicking this button allows users to search for forms or pick from a list of pre-defined favourites.

    • The patient's status on the tablet no longer shows on the root toolbar.

    • To view the patient's status and the patient's eForm queue, as before, users can click on the toolbar's Ocean logo into the toolbar to view it in the Ocean custom form popup.

  • The toolbar has substantial network traffic optimizations that should lead to better response times, particularly at clinics with traffic-shaping routers, high Internet latency, or slow upload/download speeds.

The minimized Ocean toolbar provides the important background functionality needed by Cloud Connect (such as the processing of Ocean Temporary Notes into EMR field updates) without much appearance (two paralleled grey lines). This toolbar is a good option for sites with limited space in their charts and who prefer to access Ocean functionality using their own toolbar's shortcuts to the Ocean Custom Form.

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