PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 4.22 Release Notes

Version 4.22 of the PS Suite Ocean custom form contains the following improvements:

  • Optimizations to the network communication with the Ocean server
  • Compatibility improvements with new versions of PS Suite to prevent "NullPointer" errors
  • The surname, first name, date of birth, health number and patient gender/sex is no longer automatically updated when it is already populated (a confirmation message is sent instead)
  • The site name description can now be updated for EMR instances with multiple sites
  • Ocean now prompts the user to ensure the correct Ocean source site is chosen when initiating a referral.
  • The Ocean portal link has been updated to its new location (/ocean/portal.html)
  • When importing an eReferral or web form submission, the form prompts the user to confirm demographic field changes for the DOB, first name, and surname
  • Additional safety checks are included to prevent messages or changes from inserting in the wrong chart (as a result of the user changing the chart mid-download)
  • The patient's appointments are uploaded with an optimized set of information, including the appointment ID, to prevent this information from conflicting with Cloud Connect's appointment synchronization. This change prevents a bug that sometimes resulted in duplicate appointments appearing in the Ocean Portal's day sheet.
  • (The previous public release of this form was 4.08)

Download the Ocean Custom Form

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