PS Suite Ocean Attachment Exporter 2.02 Release Notes

Version 2.02 of the Ocean Attachment Exporter PS Suite custom form contains the following improvements:

  • If the user cancels at the file name prompt, the form will now automatically close and remove itself from the chart.
  • The message prompt for the file name has been changed to say, "Specify a file name to include this chart attachment:"
  • The form will now notify the Ocean Toolbar when the attachment upload is complete, which helps streamline the automatic flow where an attachment is selected and the Refer/Email button is clicked in the Ocean Toolbar. Ocean Toolbar v5.24 (in conjunction with this form) will proceed to open the Ocean webpage after the upload is complete.
  • An error is now shown when the Ocean eReferral form is included as an attachment (since it fails to render and was causing problems for one client)

Download the Ocean Attachment Exporter Custom Form

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