PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 4.07 Release Notes

Version 4.07 of the PS Suite Ocean custom form contains the following improvements:

  • Appointment times are now included when the patient is uploaded to the portal. (In older versions of the form, when used by newer versions of PSS, the time would be excluded, resulting in midnight displaying as the appointment time.)
  • When sending a referral or emailing a secure message, this form gives the new attachment exporter form sufficient time to prompt for the file name before opening the browser window. (Previously the form would sometimes open the browser window immediately, prior to users specifying a file name, resulting in the attachment missing from the send dialog until the user returned to the EMR to complete this prompt.)
  • Manual demographic field updates for hospital EHR sites are now listed in an order that more closely mirrors the layout of the PSS Patients window, in an effort to simplify manual entry.
  • When the custom form is used to upload a patient, the member status is now uploaded as a textual description (e.g. "FHO Enrolled" instead of a number), consistent with CloudConnect.
  • When uploading patients to Ocean using the custom form, some additional fields are now included in the upload to facilitate use of the Patients tab in the Ocean Portal:
    • The primary provider name is uploaded, which enables the Provider dropdown filter in the Find Patient area in the Patients tab.
    • Provider names are included with the patient's appointments, which results in the patient's provider name displaying in the day sheet in the Ocean Portal
    • The indexed surname is included, which allows users to quickly find patients via surname in the Find Patient area in the Patients tab.

Download the Ocean Custom Form

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