PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 4.06 Release Notes

Version 4.06 of the PS Suite Ocean custom form contains the following improvements. We recommend that any sites using eReferrals or sites using Ocean forms that pre-populate PSS custom forms upgrade to this latest version.

  • When clicking on Email, a background check for any existing 'green bar' note selections was broken by newer versions of PS Suite, leading to an error message. This check has been changed to work around the PS Suite issue.
  • A workaround has been added to fix a bug in newer versions of PS Suite that prevented custom form values from saving successfully (including Ocean eReferral custom form values)
  • The form will now present an error message when it is inserted directly into the chart (since it should only be presented as a popup dialog using a toolbar or the View Form menu item in PS Suite)
  • When clicking Import, a confirmation prompt is now presented to the user to ensure the correct chart is open

Download the Ocean Custom Form

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