PS Suite Ocean eReferral Form 1.59 Release Notes

  • Pending test and pending consultation mapping has been greatly expanded to include a wide variety of Ocean health directory services. The majority of PS Suite's consultation, diagnostic imaging, and diagnostic test categories can now be populated with a corresponding Ocean eReferral health service.

    • For example, an MRI ordered in Ocean will map to an MRI diagnostic imaging category in PS Suite.

    • In some circumstances more specific mapping is also available; e.g. a referral for "MRI Brain" can map to "MRI Head" in PS Suite (but only if the referral's description has been updated by the referral form to include "head" or "brain")

  • Single-sign-on to Ocean is now handled automatically when a user clicks "Open" to view an existing referral.

Note: v1.58 was not publicly released.

Download the Ocean eReferral Custom Form

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