PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 4.04 Release Notes

Version 4.04 of the PS Suite Ocean custom form contains the following improvements. We recommend that any sites using eReferrals or sites using Ocean forms that pre-populate PSS custom forms upgrade to this latest version.

  • Sites can now specify a custom secretary message group for secretaries or clinic administrators to follow up on changes to the patient's demographics that were triggered by Ocean. The default has always been "secs", the standard secretary messaging group. It can be changed to a custom value (e.g., "secA") by clicking on the Settings button and choosing Advanced Settings -> "Secretary Message Group Initials".

  • The form will now upload all of the patient's upcoming appointments into Ocean, instead of solely the immediate upcoming appointment, to facilitate review within the Ocean day sheet and other areas of Ocean.
  • Two-factor authentication with Ocean is now supported.
  • An incompatibility with PS Suite's "spoken language" that could lead to this value failing to update has been corrected.
  • Miscellaneous improvements were made to error handling

Download the Ocean Custom Form

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