PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.21 (Standard) and Ocean Toolbar (Minimized) Release Notes

The Ocean Toolbar v5.21 for PS Suite contains the following improvements. We recommend that all sites using eReferrals or custom form population upgrade to the latest version.

  • Additional safety checks are included to ensure a note is always downloaded into the correct chart (even in the event of a system malfunction or when the wrong chart is opened by the user)
  • Added a warning prior to importing Ocean Temporary Notes that are more than 30 days old. (This option gives users the opportunity to disregard these old notes rather than processing them and possibly overwriting newer demographic values)
  • Custom secretary message groups as now supported (Note: v4.04 or newer versions of the Ocean custom form are required to define custom secretary message groups)

Note: 5.20 was not publicly released.

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