PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.17 (Standard) and Ocean Toolbar (Minimized) Release Notes

  • For sites not using Cloud Connect, the toolbar will now poll more frequently when the user selects an Ocean action for a patient. For example, if a user selects the Email or Refer button in the toolbar, the toolbar will poll every 5 seconds for that patient instead of the usual 30 seconds (since the likelihood of a note that needs to be downloaded soon afterward is high). In particular, this polling will help ensure that the notes generated by referrers or secure message senders will be downloaded to the chart promptly after the action is completed, rather than days later when the chart is re-opened. A related bug that caused the toolbar to stop polling after 5 minutes has been fixed.
  • For Cloud Connect users: Fixing a bug that sometimes prevents the "Ocean Temporary Note" from importing when the chart is first opened due to a checkout conflict. The toolbar will now attempt 3 times over the next two minutes to import an "Ocean Temporary Note" before giving up.
  • For Cloud Connect users: The toolbar will now set the date any imported custom forms to match the date of the Ocean Temporary Note. This ensures that custom forms populated by Ocean (including the Ocean eReferral form) will have the correct date, even when the Ocean Temporary Note import is done much later when the chart is opened.
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