PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.15 (Standard) and Ocean Toolbar (Minimized) Release Notes

Ocean Toolbar v5.15 contains the following changes:

  • The version of the Ocean Toolbar is now included in its custom form name, for easy review in the PS Suite's Edit Custom Forms dialog
  • For demographic and CPP field changes imported by the toolbar (such as health number field changes or smoking status updates), the "FYI" note will now be added as a progress note instead of an "FYI" message 
  • Minor improvements to the stability and error handling for automatic custom form import population based on Ocean eForm completion

New "Ocean Toolbar (Minimized)" Toolbar

This version of the toolbar is functionally equivalent to the regular Ocean Toolbar, but it is configured to appear in "minimized" mode, where it consumes a mere 5 pixels of vertical whitespace along the CPP in PS Suite (making it completely invisible is not possible). This minimized mode allows the toolbar to perform critical data import functions from the Ocean-TELUS API, without disrupting the usual display of toolbars for users who do not otherwise wish to see or use the standard Ocean Toolbar.
Your site may use this toolbar if:
  • Your site has the TELUS API activated via Ocean Cloud Connect (or the legacy Ocean Connect tablet)
  • Your site would rather not use an Ocean-specific toolbar complete with Ocean-specific links.

The Ocean Toolbar (Standard) can be downloaded using this link.

The Ocean Toolbar (Minimized) can be downloaded using this link.

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