PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.13 Release Notes

The Ocean Toolbar 5.13 contains the following changes:

  • The toolbar will now re-upload the patient in Ocean each time "Email" or "Refer" is clicked, to ensure any patient changes made in PS Suite (such as the email address) are captured by Ocean

  • The toolbar will now continue to function in "minimized" mode, where all fields are set by clients to be invisible using the PS Suite form editor. This allows sites with custom toolbars to effectively hide the Ocean Toolbar while still allowing it to perform its essential functions (such as note imports).
    • Note: unfortunately, even when all fields are invisible, PS Suite will nonetheless show a small 5-pixel horizontal white bar where the toolbar is located.
  • A "race condition" bug that could result in an update failing to download properly or download multiple times has been fixed
  • A bug that could result in occasional error messages with "javax.swing.Timer" is (probably) fixed
  • To increase the transparency of field updates, a brief "For Your Information" message is sent to the secretary when important demographic fields have been updated by the toolbar
  • The population of an empty birthdate is now supported (however, for safety reasons, it will not automatically change an existing birth date)
  • The logic that determines which fields should not be automatically updated at certain hospital sites (due to an external EHR management of such fields) has been moved to the Ocean Connect API handler
  • Improved the description of field update messages for both fields that have been automatically updated as well as ones that require manual updates
  • Note: Ocean Toolbar 5.12 was not released publicly
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