Using Ocean to Automate Flu Shot Invitations and Screening

Each flu season brings with it a need to maximize immunization rates for our patient population. Using Ocean Tablets, a patient can quickly fill out our short Flu Shot Screening eForm when they check-in so that you can easily track your patients' flu shot status.

If you do not like our standard flu shot screening form and/or would like to add more information to collect, you can of course customize the eForm.

Even if you currently have no plans to use flu shot screening in the off season, you can set up a simple rule to prepare your tablets for the annual flu season by following the steps outlined below:

To add rules to your tablet(s):

  • Log in to the Ocean Portal. Click "Menu" in the top left corner and select "Tablets & Kiosks". Choose "Edit" for the tablet group that you want to add the rule to.
  • Enter the Rules tab and choose "Create Rule". Search for the "Flu Shot" from the list of forms that pops up.
  • Click "Choose" to add a rule line for that form.
  • Type in one of the following JavaScript rule in the "Trigger" text box to define when you want this form to show up automatically.
  • To collect flu shot status between December 2018 and March 2019:
  • new Date() > new Date(2018,12,01) && new Date() < new Date(2019,3,31)
  • Copy Rule

If you are a PS Suite user and would like a specific rule that automatically pulls up the flu shot form every year during flu season, please refer to "Tablet Rules for Immunization Prompts".

To learn more about the other available Tablet Rules, please refer to "Tablet Rules".

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