PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.11 Release Notes

The PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.11 has the following changes:

  • The emergency contact fields can now populate in the PS Suite Demographics window when the corresponding field updates are uploaded from OceanConnect. (Note: Unfortunately the TELUS API doesn't support reading or writing the emergency contact; consequently, even though the toolbar can now set the values of these fields in PS Suite, the values cannot be read back into Ocean for subsequent display on the Ocean tablet or in eForms)
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes overwrite a patient's "never smoked" status with "ex-smoker" when a form is completed that asks about smoking status but doesn't clarify the "ever smoked" status
  • Improved the visibility of the Download Note button to assist sites with manual downloads when the TELUS API is malfunctioning
  • Removed the additional "field x was changed to y" text generated by the Ocean Toolbar to reduce the chart clutter created by additional notes. (Note: you can still view the demographic changes in PS Suite's activity logs for auditing purposes)
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