PS Suite Ocean Toolbar 5.10 Release Notes

  • Moved the Download button to the right side of the toolbar buttons when it is visible, as opposed to below on the second row, to help with its visibility.
  • When the toolbar performs a custom import of PSS demographic fields such as the health number, the toolbar will now append its update notification to an existing recent OCN progress note in the chart, if one is available within 30 days. For example, when an Ocean note already exists listing updates for the patient's phone number, the Ocean Toolbar will attempt to re-use this note to append information regarding its own updates.

  • The Ocean Toolbar will now import the eligibility code when it is supplied from the tablet

  • The toolbar will alternatively reset the eligibility code to 0 when the health number, province or version code is changed and the eligibility code is not available (to indicate that HCV/OBEC is needed for this patient to validate the new health number)

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