OceanConnect v50 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v50 Release includes the following:

  • New feature: now you can capture lab data in Accuro simply by tagging items in the Ocean note using the standard @ notation, e.g. including something like this in the generated note and Ocean will take care of the rest: @phq9: 12. The EMR Field Mapping table under preferences will allow you to map these back to lab results within a lab test in Accuro. You must define the tests and embedded results in Accuro ahead of time to ensure high data quality. (Note that if you define more than one result in a given test, Ocean will use the first one.)
  • Minor fixes to the TELUS online booking module (currently in "beta").
  • Fixed a bug that caused an error loading appointments booked between 12 midnight and 1 AM into Ocean.
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