OceanConnect v47 Release Notes

The OceanConnect release v47 included the following:

  • Added a limit to the number of hours to look ahead to mark patients as arrived after swiping at the kiosk, e.g. set it to 2 hours if you want Ocean to mark all appointments for the patient in the subsequent 2 hours to arrived.
  • Changed logic to mark patients as arrived even if their appointment status was a custom status. We found that other 3rd party systems used custom statuses for various purposes, so now Ocean will treat those as needing to update to arrived (as opposed to "in room", which does not get reset to "arrived", relevant because the patient might use a floating tablet in the exam room).
  • Added an option to insert walk-in appointments at/near the current time as opposed to start of day. Some walk-in clinics treat the walk-in schedule as a sequenced list that might as well start at 6am, whereas others want the more intuitive behaviour of inserting at the time the patient arrived (or as close as possible).
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