OceanConnect v44 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v44 release includes the following improvements.

  • New feature: You can now configure a subset of providers to be synced by OceanConnect. Appointments for selected providers are periodically uploaded and patients are immediately accessible through Ocean.
  • OceanConnect now marks a patient as arrived using the core status in Accuro API.
  • Added a check for invalid characters in the URL field during configuration of the new Accuro API.
  • Fixed a bug where a patient's appointment status would get reset from 'In Room' back to 'Arrived'.
  • Fixed an issue to prevent walk-in configuration until after the device is registered.
  • Improved Telus PS Suite API session handling to renew tokens ahead of expiry.
  • Improved error handling/reporting for the Telus PS Suite API.
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