OceanConnect v42 Release Notes

The OceanConnect v42 release includes the following improvements. Note that some of these fixes and features were released in interim OceanConnect releases.

  • New feature: OceanConnect can now retrieve patients as needed to handle walk-in patients.
  • Added additional rules in Ocean reminders.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent Ocean from updating when appointments are canceled/moved in the EMR.
  • Added ability to easily switch between Ocean Tablet and OceanConnect applications on the same tablet via:
    • new option in the Admin menu of Ocean Tablet to open OceanConnect.
    • new button in the Configuration view of OceanConnect to open Ocean Tablet.
  • Added functionality to mark a patient as arrived on all appointments booked for the same visit (e.g. all appointments for that patient on that day).
  • Added support for eRequest Links to book appointments  (coming soon; requires an Ocean Online site-wide license.)
  • Fixed a bug to prevent unnecessary retries when polling an EMR API.
  • Fixed a bug that could prevent synchronizing a schedule that includes recurring appointments.
  • Added an administrator notification that is sent (once per day, maximum) if OceanConnect is unable to communicate with the EMR.
  • Initial support for TELUS Med Access API (coming soon!)


  • New feature: support connectivity between Ocean and PS Suite EMR through the new TELUS PS Suite API.
  • New feature: day sheet mode in the Patients tab will now appear for PS Suite sites.
  • Improved user feedback during initial configuration of OceanConnect for PS Suite.
  • Fixed error handling to recover from a checkout conflict and retry downloading a note to PS Suite.


  • New feature: support for the new Accuro API that will enable rich text notes and demographics. Clients using the older Accuro module should contact us at ocean.tips/support to migrate. You will need a UUID from QHR for your Accuro instance, and new credentials for the new API.
  • New feature: You can now use a CDS link in Accuro to automatically make any patient available in Ocean to refer, queue forms, etc.
  • Added an option for Accuro that, when selected, will combine the results of multiple completed Ocean forms and add them in the EMR as one note.
  • Added functionality for Accuro that will display newly booked appointments on a previously accepted Ocean referral.



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