PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.59 Release Notes

Version 3.59 of the custom form includes the following features and fixes:

  • Added a 'paperclip' icon which will link to the new Ocean Attachment Exporter custom form. This attachment exporter makes it easy to select and 'green bar' notes in the chart to be exported as a PDF file on the desktop. The file can then be uploaded to an Ocean Online secure message or an eReferral.
  • There is a new setting in the Settings->Advanced area, "Use Doctor Initials On Notes: N/Y". This setting, when enabled, will use the supervising doctor's initials (eg "DK") instead of the generic "OCN" initials for the note when it downloads. Keep in mind that the note will download automatically when the chart is opened, so you need to ensure users have the correct supervising doctor set when they open patient charts when this setting is enabled.
  • Minor bug fix to automatically reset the 'pipe' and 'cigar' fields in the smoking section when patients become ex-smokers.
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