Inviting Other Sites to Join Your Ocean Study

Ocean Studies can span multiple medical clinics, multiple EMR servers and even multiple EMR types through the multi-site feature.

  • To Invite Other Site(s) to Your Study

    • Log in to the Ocean Portal. Click "Menu" in the top left corner and select "Studies". 
    • Click "Configure" on the study you want to extend to another site.
    • If the "Study Type" is "Standard", you'll need to contact to request your study be upgraded to a research tier type before proceeding.
    • Click "Participating Sites..." button at the bottom. This will open up a dialog box open that allows you to type in an invitation message to the other clinic.
    • Pick the sites you want to invite by typing in part of the name in the box below and click "Send invitations". Note that you can only invite sites that are also subscribed to Ocean.
  • To Accept an Invitation to Another Site's Study

    • The payer on the invited site(s) will receive an email with your note plus specific instructions on how to proceed.
    • The invitation will show up in the invited site's Studies view, under "Pending Study Invitations". The invitation can be accepted by clicking the green checkmark at the end of the row.
    • Once the invitation has been accepted, the study eForm will be available automatically to the participating clinic's Ocean site, and any updates to the eForm will be reflected in that site automatically.
    • Whenever the eForm is completed in the invited site (e.g. by a patient or clinician), the results will appear in the study export of the site that created the study, tagged with the source site number and site name.

Note: Some sites have a separate invitation and/or consent eForm that is independent of the study eForm, which is often set-up to automatically load the study eForm (via an eForm Action) if the patient consents to participate. In this case, it is best to ensure that all the participating study sites have all the eForms needed for their participants saved in the eForms tab of their Ocean portal (i.e. study invitation/consent and the actual study data collection eForm), with the corresponding eForm Action set up to pull both up automatically.

Note for Regional Authority Users

If you are a Regional Authority user looking to configure an Ocean Study to collect Patient Reported Experience Measures (PREMs) and/or Provider satisfaction data, please also refer to: What is a Regional Authority Survey and How Can I Set it Up?

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