PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.11 Release Notes

Version 3.11 of the PS Suite custom form has a number of important improvements from the previous 3.0.1 version:

- Now uploads immunization records for use in Tablet rules and EForm logic.

- Updates next appointment date/time, so it can be used with the nextApptDate/Time keywords in appointment reminders. (Consider adding this to your secure messages and web questionnaires, either in the email body or the secure message bodies for appointment reminders.)

- Added optional support for "Ocean patient reuse" so that a PSS patient will reuse an existing Ocean patient ref if one exists for that patient. This brings PS Suite in line with other EMR integrations in this respect, and should make it much easier to download notes for a patient with a lost custom form: no longer will you need to manually set the ref or "import" the old reference into the patient chart. At some future point, we will enable this option by default for all PS Suite sites.

- Skips some demographic change messages that were false-positives (i.e. no demographic fields actually updated).

- Some checks/guards against future PS Suite compatibility issues, including a setting to skip automatic download polling for older versions of the custom form.

- Fixes to Java 8 support in preparation for TELUS migrating clients to Java 8 runtimes.


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