Ocean Sevice Interruption - August 3rd, 2023 [Resolved]

[9:08 AM] We are currently experiencing an issue affecting Cloud Connect. We are investigating and will update this announcement as further information becomes available. 

[10:15 AM] Telus has confirmed that there is an widespread issue with the TELUS API, which is impacting services including Ocean. The resulting load on the Ocean system due to the error retries is causing intermittent issues across Ocean, so even non-TELUS clients may experience occasional errors. We will continue to update this article on our mitigation efforts.

[10:43 AM] We are no longer seeing the error from TELUS, and the backlog of error retries in queue is slowly reducing. Ocean retained actions taken by users during the issue and will process them as the issue resolves, and activities that required real-time responses from the EMR (Online Booking, Kiosk check-ins, etc.) will begin to work again. The recovery may take a number of hours due to the number of errors across the Ocean system but all notes should eventually find their way into the respective charts.

[3:45 PM] TELUS has resolved the issue and Ocean has completed processing all of the delayed actions.  Activities that require real-time responses from the EMR (Online Booking, Kiosk check-ins, etc.) should all be functioning as normal and all notes should now have been imported into the respective charts.   

If you are still experiencing any issues, please submit a service request ticket at ocean.tips/support


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