PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.71 Release Notes


  • The list of lab tests uploaded to Ocean has been expanded significantly to include: Cr, eGFR, Hb A1C, ACR, FBS, RBS, TG, HDL, LDL, CHOL:HDL Ratio, GTT, Serum Ketones, Urine Ketones, Na, K, CO2
  • A minor fix is included to show "empty" instead of "null" in the progress note log when Ocean is changing an empty demographic field


  • Occasionally the progress note update FYI text showed it changing a phone number due to a formatting discrepancy, even though the number itself was unchanged

  • Now a custom form that says "Available notes have been downloaded" will attempt to automatically remove itself


  • Updated the custom form mapping code to support the addition of multiple eReferral forms when more than one eReferral is sent for a single patient


  • Deactivated the behaviour that avoids re-adding a note with the same text, since this would cause unexpected missing notes during user testing.

  • Adding missing line break for the smoking/alcohol summary update notes

  • Deactivated automatic note downloads for users whose notes need review (requested by a teaching site)

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