PS Suite Ocean eReferral Form 1.39 Release Notes

The latest "Ocean eReferral" custom form contains the following changes:

- added 'Ocean eReferral Network' logo; improved aesthetics and layout

- adding optional Pending Test/Consult management. The mapping table is a work-in-progress, but it currently supports the major DI categories as well as ECG, dietitian, endocrinology, chiropody, orthopedics, and ophthalmology. It will fall back to a general pending consult if no category is matched to the health service. This feature needs to be activated within the Settings button before it will start adding pending tests/consults automatically.

- improved the status message in the follow-up message to include the health service

- now supports the addition of multiple eReferral forms for a single patient via the Ocean eReferral custom form

- now supports Ocean subsites by checking the computer-specific site number

- the form's 'Remove' button now generates a more helpful warning and summary text

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