OSCAR: Guide to Using Ocean with OSCAR

The OSCAR eForm allows you to select an Ocean eForm directly from the appointment screen from your Ocean eForm library and/or your list of eForm Favourites for your patient to complete. Once the patient has completed your form(s), you can download the resultant clinical note in the corresponding patient's chart in your OSCAR EMR.

  1. Add Ocean eForm(s).

    • You can use Ocean without ever having to go into the Ocean Portal. Adding an eForm through Ocean is done via the OSCAR eForm, which you can access in three different ways:
Schedule Screen Encounter Screen Tablet Rules
  • The first way is to use the shortcut located on a patient's appointment on the OSCAR Schedule.
  • This will open up the Ocean eForm in a new tab, where you can add forms by selecting the “Add Forms” button.
  • Search for the form(s) you want to add on the left side or select one of your pre-configured favourites. Add an eForm by clicking on its title.
  1. Load the patient's forms on an Ocean Tablet.

    • Once your form(s) have been selected for your patient, enter the 3-digit patient reference number shown on the Ocean eForm and/or the Ocean Toolbar into your Ocean Tablet.
    • This will pull up all the forms that have been queued up for this specific patient.

Download the Ocean encounter note.

Non-Well Health OSCAR Well Health OSCAR
  • The toolbar is used to download the eForm note. Because the status of the eForm is tracked live by the toolbar, you can view the progress of the form as it is being completed.
  • Once the status reaches “Completed, waiting download”, simply click “Download”.
  • The generated note will appear as a new note, where you can format it however you like. Once finished, please ensure you press the save icon, otherwise the note will be lost.
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