Collect & Review Your Study Data

Now you can start collecting data using Ocean Tablets and/or your publicly-available study eForm URL.

Once you've used your Ocean eForm to collect data for your Ocean Study, you can view these data by exporting your study results from the Studies tab of the Ocean Portal at any time, as many times as needed.

After you've set up your study, you can start distributing the form to your patients and collecting data.

  • If you've selected "Online Access", once you've added the URL to your website, patients will be able to start submitting responses.
  • If you haven't selected "Online Access", you can set up tablet rules to define which patients are selected to complete your study form or you can send patients your study form through Ocean Online Messages.

Once patients have started completing your study form(s), your study data can be downloaded at any time. For more information, please refer to "Viewing Data from Ocean Studies".

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