PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.87 Release Notes

Ocean custom form v3.87 contains the following changes:

  • Secure messages will now immediately automatically download after the initial send to the patient. (Previously the note did not download automatically until the patient replied and the associated forms were completed)
  • Minor changes were made to the Settings panel and the status handler to support Ocean Connect

v3.86 contains the following changes:

  • The custom form will remain within the chart (as it has done in the past) when Ocean Connect mode is not activated
  • Aesthetic changes were made to the buttons and the button icons (it now uses the same icons as the Ocean portal, with a more consistent monochromatic dark blue)

  • Added an implicit link to view the Patient Dashboard in Ocean (by clicking on the Ocean logo)

  • "Ocean Connect" mode is now supported within the custom form: This mode is intended to be used for clinics using PS Suite with the new Ocean Connect tablet and associated API activation. This Ocean Connect mode turns off the form's "note available" polling (since Ocean Connect should be handling the note uploads instead). This mode also causes the popup window containing the form to automatically close, whenever the form is opened for the sole purpose of executing a specific function (such as sending an email or "Opening" a form)

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