PS Suite Ocean Custom Form 3.81 Release Notes

The Ocean custom form for PS Suite version 3.81 has the following changes:

  • The form will no longer add extra unwanted '@' characters when setting the emergency contact field when the site is not using Emergency Contact sub-fields

  • Removing an Ocean site number from a PSS site that contains multiple Ocean site numbers will now work (previously it gave an error)

  • The Ocean custom form was automatically removing itself from the chart after a note download, even when a Patient Report was available. Now the form will stay in the chart until the user has a chance to open the report link.
  • Ocean<->PSS Custom form value mapping now supports setting custom form items with an apostrophe character using the "APOST_" character sequence. For example an Ocean item with reference "FatherAPOST_s Name" will populate the custom form item named "Father's Name"
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