PS Suite Ocean eReferral Form 1.45 Release Notes

The latest "Ocean eReferral" custom form contains the following changes:

  • The form will now include a message in the progress notes when a custom form is manually removed by a user prior to the completion of the eReferral: "An Ocean eReferral tracking form was manually removed from this patient's chart. Referral ID: 596532c125ac56a810e87325". This message is useful for auditing purposes in the event that a clinically-relevant scenario arises regarding the referral after the form's removal.
  • The form now supports the loading of credentials for Ocean sub-sites within a shared PS Server (as supported by the Ocean.cfm)
  • The full diabetes central intake lab test panel is now included (v 1.40 and later)

  • The clinic name and the referring clinician address information is included in the upload in order to pre-populate this information in the eReferral dialog

  • Miscellaneous back-end improvements for improved maintenance and attachment support

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