Basic Ocean Workflow

  1. Select form(s) for patients to complete.

PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Other EMR
  • Add forms from the Ocean custom form or the Ocean toolbar.
  • You can select a form for your patient to complete by clicking on “Add Form” or “Favourite” to select from a list of your commonly-used forms (see "Configure eForm Favourites" to learn how to set up your favourite Ocean eForms).
  1. Select your patient's method of completing form(s).

On a Tablet From Home On Your Own Computer
PS Suite Med Access Accuro OSCAR Other EMR
  • Find the reference number on the Ocean custom form and enter it into your Ocean Tablet.
  1. View the clinical note in your patient's chart.

PS Suite, Med Access or Accuro OSCAR Other EMR
  • The Ocean-generated clinical note should automatically download into the patient's chart as an encounter/progress note. From there, you can edit the note directly, if necessary.
  • If any demographics information was edited these changes should be automatically reflected in the demographics fields for this patient in your EMR.