Custom Ocean Integrations

You can set up several types of integrations between Ocean and your other business information systems to automate and streamline information flows:

  • Registering a Webhook Endpoint  enables Ocean to send notifications to other systems when important events occur.
  • Referral System Launch notifies the user that a redirect to an external website will occur after a referral has been completed in Ocean.

Setting up a Webhook Endpoint

    • Click the Admin View > Integrations> "Register an Integration."
    • Select whether the notification is related to a patient engagement module (e.g Patient Messages) or eReferrals.
    • Name the integration.
    • Paste the URL that Ocean will send updates to regarding the status of an event that occurred within Ocean. For details on the validation process of this URL, see here: Webhook Endpoint Validation.
    • Select the events that Ocean should notify your system about.

Referral Payload Format Options

    • Ocean eReferral payloads can be sent in Ocean's proprietary JSON format or as a HL7 FHIR R4 resource bundle.  



Referral System Launch

    • Click the check-box "Activate a Referral System Launch when Sending a Referral" to set up the user display messaging and redirect that will occur.
    • The following fields can be set as part of 'header' and 'footer' that will automatically appear at the top and bottom of the referral form.
  • Company Name - of the system that will be launched
  • Base launch URL - the URL that the redirect will be sent to
  • Application Name
  • Catogory Field
    • You can optionally set additional advanced settings:


  • Referral Form For Associated Listings - Attach a specific referral form that is associated with the listing
  • Confirmation Message (Override) - Customize the confirmation message for accepted referrals.
  • Logo - Personalize referrals by including a logo
  • Use Embedded <iframe> - Enabling this setting will launch the redirect URL in an iframe.
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