Custom Ocean Integrations

The sections below describe steps necessary to enable different types of integrations between Ocean and your other business information systems in order to automate and streamline information flows:

  • HL7 FHIR eReferral APIs to receive referrals and send updates to Ocean using the HL7 FHIR R4 format
  • Ocean's Open eReferral APIs to receive referral notifications, retrieve referrals and send updates to Ocean
  • Ocean's Open Patient Engagement APIs to create patient-specific Ocean eForms and retrieve them once they are completed.
  • A Referral System Launch to redirect to an external website to complete a referral that has been initiated in Ocean.
HL7 FHIR eReferral Open API eReferral Open API eForms

Step 1: Setting up a Webhook Endpoint

  • Click the Admin View > Integrations> "Register an Integration."
  • Click on the eReferrals option for the integration type.
  • For the Payload Type , select the FHIR option.
  • Name the integration and paste into the Request URL field the URL that Ocean will send the FHIR payloads to.
  • Select the authentication scheme that Ocean will use to authenticate with your system's endpoint and enter the relevant parameters.
  • Select the events that Ocean should notify your system about.

Step 2: Linking the Service Directory Listing With an Integration

  • Click the Admin View > Directory Listings> tab and open the Advanced section at the bottom of the page.
  • The integrations specified for the Ocean site will be listed in the Integration field. Select the one that should be linked to this directory listing. Enter the same value into the External Service ID field.

Your Ocean site is now ready to send eReferrals to your point-of-service system using the HL7 FHIR eReferral APIs.


Step 3: Generating Ocean OAuth Credentials

Systems must send Ocean a site-specific Client ID and secret in order to receive an OAuth token(s) that can be used to submit referral updates for that Ocean site. To generate the Client ID and secret:

  • Click the Admin View > Manage Credentials > Manage OAuth Credentials button.
  • Add a meaningful name and click the "Add New Credential button."

Your Ocean site is now ready to receive eReferrals from your point-of-service system using the HL7 FHIR eReferral APIs.


Referral System Launch

    • Click the check-box "Activate a Referral System Launch when Sending a Referral" to set up the user display messaging and redirect that will occur.

The following fields can be set as part of 'header' and 'footer' that will automatically appear at the top and bottom of the referral form.

  • Company Name - of the system that will be launched
  • Base launch URL - the URL that the redirect will be sent to
  • Application Name
  • Catogory Field

You can optionally set additional advanced settings:


  • Referral Form For Associated Listings - Attach a specific referral form that is associated with the listing
  • Confirmation Message (Override) - Customize the confirmation message for accepted referrals.
  • Logo - Personalize referrals by including a logo
  • Use Embedded <iframe> - Enabling this setting will launch the redirect URL in an iframe.
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