Tablet Release Notes v163

The Ocean Tablet release v163 includes the following:

  • Adds support for custom demographic fields for Accuro through the Ocean EMR Field Mapping framework (for OceanConnect tablets).
  • Added a full date format option for the @apptDate keyword using the suffix DDMMdyy (e.g. @apptDate.DDMMdyy  --> Sunday March 11, 2018).
  • Adds support for a limit to early check-ins (e.g. don't allow patients to check in more than X minutes early), configurable in the Ocean Tablet Settings in the web portal.
  • Slight wording change (in English and French) to remove the obvious "To verify your identity" in the birthdate validation panel.
  • Improvements in the handling of HCV exceptions.
  • Improvements to handling of invalid/bad swipes.
  • Fixed some edge case timing errors that occur around the timeout feature.
  • Logs sent to server will now include the tablet's timezone for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the generation of certain handouts (e.g. SCREEN II) due the absence of conversion functions to convert ASCII to Bin64 (required for passing patient data parameters to the handout in the HTTP request).
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