Tablet Release Notes v162

The Ocean Tablet release v162 is a major release that includes the following:

  • New feature: Ocean Tablet now integrates with the Ontario MoH Health Card Validation (HCV) service. Enter your HCV credentials in Ocean site settings to begin using the service. Once configured, your Ocean Tablet (in kiosk mode) will validate patient health numbers at check-in.
  • Kiosk mode will now block patients that do not have an appointment for that day if the tablet settings are configured to block late check-ins. Patients will be asked to present at the reception desk.
  • Added support for @providerName keyword.
  • Added an option in the Admin menu to open OceanConnect (if it is installed on the same tablet).
  • Disabled suggestions and auto-correct for all text fields in Ocean Tablet.
  • Fixed an issue to display last known network status icon when Ocean Tablet is disconnected from the network.
  • Added 'check digit' test to ON health number validation.
  • Fixed an error playing the kiosk completion sound when in cases that the sound has been deleted from the device.
  • Improved error handling for card swipe reading.
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